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An Argentine was jailed in Spain on charges of money laundering

In the framework of a police operation against money laundering and corruption crimes carried out in the Spanish city of Madrid, the former Venezuelan Deputy Minister of electrical energy of the chavista regime, Nervis Villalobos, was imprisoned Wednesday.

The Brigade’s Central Investigation of money Laundering of the National Police was the one who was in charge of the operation, where they also arrested three other people linked with the fact.

One of them is Luis Fernando Vuteff García, son-in-law of the former opposition mayor of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, who is held in Spain. Vuteff García is of Argentine nationality and was administrator of the Capital Manager ColumbusOne, and according to the judicial investigation, provided money laundering services to ex-officials and oil contractors of Venezuela (Pdvsa) from Spain, through real estate and hotel investments.

These investments were revealed in an operation called “Carabela”, in which more than 130 buildings in Madrid and Marbella have been taken over, valued at more than 72 million euros.

In the operation it was also revealed that in January 2018 Ledezma’s daughter, Antonietta Ledezma Capriles and her husband, now in detention, registered in Madrid the Fundación Crecer sin Fronteras, with an initial capital of 30,000 euros, aimed at caring for the children of immigrant families in Spain.

The family relationship of the opposition Antonio Ledezma with officials of the Chávez government is not limited to Luis Vuteff. Isabel González, stepdaughter of the former mayor of Caracas, is the wife of Andrés Izarra, former minister of Tourism and now critic of the Government of Nicolás Maduro.

Villalobos, for his part, suffers the second arrest for money laundering and corruption. The former Venezuelan minister went to prison in September, but was released. The Provincial Court then concluded that there was no reason to support his accusation.

Villalobos was already under investigation for transferring nearly seven million dollars between October 2011 and June 2012 to a branch in Lisbon, Portugal, of Banco Madrid through a corporate structure.

The Office requests for this reason their entrance into the prison. And he maintains that there are new indications that reinforce the thesis of alleged laundering.

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