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China gives Argentina another economic lifeline

The first exchange of this type was set at the equivalent of $ 11 billion in 2014, requested by the government of then President Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015) and renewed by the Macri administration in 2017, to face serious deficits in the external financial sector and a strong demand for green …

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The weight crisis, a blessing for tourists in Argentina

“In ten days we spent less than we thought.” In Buenos Aires the depreciation of the currency caused the loss of the purchasing power of the Argentines but the tourists rub their hands, with vacations much cheaper than planned. Pedro Pereira de Azevedo, a Brazilian lawyer from Belo Horizonte, takes …

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There’s no Boca or River team for penniless fans.

It is a paradox: the more massive football is in Argentina, the more exclusive. River and Boca are one of the few emotional shelters of the most punished sectors of Argentine society, especially in these times of economic crisis. But attending stadiums to watch the country’s two most popular clubs …

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