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China gives Argentina another economic lifeline

The first exchange of this type was set at the equivalent of $ 11 billion in 2014, requested by the government of then President Cristina Kirchner (2007-2015) and renewed by the Macri administration in 2017, to face serious deficits in the external financial sector and a strong demand for green …

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Argentina calls or needs for IMF bailout

The order of the IMF is the story of a failure. And it is the payment of a very high political cost to Macri, at the head of a country that for years accused the Fund of being behind Savage adjustments and major economic crises. But Macri had no choice, …

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The London police, with Argentine talent

Prior to Globant’s arrival, London Metropolitan Police, the oldest in the world, received 40 million calls, 20 million hits on their web site and 100,000 orders online. I was overwhelmed. And I needed to cut costs. They set to work and transformed a traditional organization into a force focused on …

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Lázaro Báez hides 3 million euros in an offshore account

The Argentine businessman Lázaro Báez, close to the late President Nestor Kirchner, kept three million euros hidden in a bank account until now unknown. Given its judicial situation and the amount of money, Argentine justice has proceeded to block it. Before 2013, the businessman would have managed to take all …

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