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How much money an Argentine fan needs to see the superfinal in Madrid

To fly the 7 December and returning on 10, trying to lose the least amount of working days, the majority of the flights have a stopover on a trip, and the average price of round trip is a little less than $ 1500, you represent to 56,000 pesos.

While for a hotel night (3 stars) in double base room, offers were found that start from 2,280 pesos onwards.

For its part, the AirBnb temporary rental platform offers apartments close to the estadio del Real Madrid, for five people (two bedrooms, 4 beds and two bathrooms), at 5,427 pesos per night.

For six guests, another unit located meters from the stadium is at a value of 5,644 pesos per night; for three, 2,996 pesos per night; while for eight the values offered are 3,821 pesos per night, all in the same location radius.

What do these numbers represent in comparison? That a person who wants to travel to the Spanish capital would need at least a dozen minimum, vital and mobile salaries planned for 2019 by the Argentine economy, without taking into account the prices of the tickets, which have not yet been made official but which would bring the total of the trip to a figure close to 100,000 pesos.

As announced by the Government of the Nation last September, the minimum wage, vital and mobile (SMVM) in Argentina is a little above 11 thousand pesos.

In spite of this situation, the Argentine Ambassador to Spain, Ramón Puerta, assured that the tourism companies sold all the plane tickets for the fans of River and Boca who want to witness the final of the Copa Libertadores next Sunday 9 December in Madrid.

“The tourist agencies have exhausted their tickets. Airlines and Air Europa no longer have flights. They will be reinforced,” Puerta said in statements to TyC Sports.

Even the former president-in-office of the Senate during the December 2001 crisis, said that from other parts of the World, tickets to Madrid are also being sold out to see the party.

“They are also running out from Montevideo, San Pablo and Lima, “said Puerta, who added that”in three hours all the tickets were sold to Madrid.”

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