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How much money would be made by ratting out the Most Wanted Fugitives

The charm of ratting out a suspected silver offender can be a strange, terrible, seductive thing. Over the past three years, the Ministry of National Security has been responsible for applying this charm as a state policy, with a large amount of money available. During the management we change, according to official data, at least nine people entered the ministry’s meeting rooms at the Gelly and Obes passageway in Recoleta to collect their awards for delivering an accused. So far, 4.5 million pesos have been paid.

The ministry’s Secretariat for cooperation with the constitutional powers coordinates the rewards program, with Attorney Maria Emilia Marty at the helm. In a meeting with the officials in charge of the program, Infobae’s first question is simple: How Much Should a fugitive be worth? How is the price calculated for the data leading to a capture?

The answer should be simple, one might suppose that there is a scale of values, perhaps because of the seriousness of the crimes, to the more serious crime the greater the reward, but the officials assure that there is no tariff, that the values offered by a high profile suspect are almost random things: there is no established table to say that a man on the run is worth more than another.

The amount, usually, arises from a dialogue with the prosecutor’s offices or courts that ask for the arrests, a magistrate may consider increasing a reward if he thinks it appropriate, officials say. The judges and prosecutors are the ones who ask to put a price on the head of a fugitive first, an offer that is published in the Official Gazette: the Ministry does not do it on its own. The rewards for fugitives were previously in the hands of the Ministry of Justice with values far lower than the current ones, 200,000 pesos. The Bullrich administration decided to increase them. Ministry personnel, as well as members of security forces or other public officials, are prohibited from participating by law.

Sebastián Rodrigo Romero, a santafesino militant from the Left Front and the PSTU, became a national meme when he attacked the City Police with a sort of homemade grenade launcher made of a long stick and a pyrotechnic mortar tied with tape in December 2017 during the riots in front of Congress in the protests for the welfare reform.

Romero is still on the loose, with a request for national and international capture: “it’s been more than three months since I’ve seen my family, my friends, my colleagues at the factory or my neighbors. I am being persecuted as if I were a terrorist,” Romero wrote from the underground in March 2018.

Today, for the Ministry of security, the data that leads to Romero is worth twice as much as a transvestite killer or a femicide: a million pesos.

Others, however, are worth a lot more.

The mark of a million and a half in argentinean currency, the highest in the rewards program, reserves for Luis Alberto Saucedo, “The Fat man”, narco implicated in the plot of the politicians of Itatí: the judge correntino Carlos Soto Davila, today accused by the judge Sergio Torres, was pointed out by the Office of Narcocriminalidad by supposedly benefit you.

Jorge Antonio Salazar and Alexis Cortés Torres, both Chileans, were linked to alleged terrorist groups: a Bullrich Ministry report on revolutionary Mapuche groups includes them within the organization chart of the MIR, The Revolutionary Left movement.

Marked by historic assaults on carabineros on the other side of the Andes, Salazar and Cortés have a 1.5 million sign, respectively, for killing a policeman in Neuquén in 2012, one of the biggest police mysteries in Patagonia in recent history: el MIR was awarded elgolpe in a later statement. The provincial reward for both was 850 thousand pesos per head. If a whistleblower delivered to both would be 4.6 million pesos in total.

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