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The theft of the Argentine century that anticipated ‘ the paper house’

Inside the bank, six thieves and 23 hostages. Out, over 300 cops with rifles and shields. From above, Hidden, four snipers waiting for a warrant. And more than 20 cameras that broadcast the news to all of Argentina. After five hours of tension, the police broke into the bank, but the assailants had fled in two rubber boats (inflatable boats) through a tunnel. In addition to taking $ 15 million, they left a message about the 147 safe deposit boxes they emptied: “in the neighborhood of rich people, without arms or grudges, it’s only silver and not love.”

In addition to being considered the most important theft in Argentine criminal history, the robbery had a novel detail: Fernando Araujo, the ideologist and executor of the plan. He didn’t have a criminal past. He painted pictures on his atelier, 10 blocks from the bank, and was a professor and champion of jiu jitsu. But one day it occurred to him to hit Like no other.

The leader considered that he could have been an accountant, an engineer, an architect, a company manager, a philosopher or an actor. “Sometimes I wonder how it can be that a person like me, with university studies, the fruit of a good family, of the upper middle class, has dedicated himself to transiting the marginal side,” Araujo tells the country.

He planned the assault for two years. He told his accomplices that the idea was to hit the capitalist system of banks, not to go against the people. “We have to earn the popular outcry,” he said. The idea was to trick the police, make them believe they were criminals willing to kill the hostages, when they actually wanted to buy time to empty the safe deposit boxes and escape without being seen.

The robbery was a kind of preview of what would be the paper house: bold thieves, who do not seek to cause harm and use ingenuity to strike a big blow, under the baton of a thinking man with no criminal record.

The former Rodriguez leader met three members of the band. And this Sunday he launched his Digital Nerve magazine with an article written by him. It can be read: “it is the homeland of the underworld, it should be a holiday for all bandits. It was an assault full of details that make it unique; without weapons or injuries, ideological theft. The perfect plan. Literature, crime, tango, cinema, assailants, rock and forbidden territory. Rebellion. A breath of amoral lyricism at a time when we reject any state, political or ideological mechanism.”

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