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The weight crisis, a blessing for tourists in Argentina

“In ten days we spent less than we thought.” In Buenos Aires the depreciation of the currency caused the loss of the purchasing power of the Argentines but the tourists rub their hands, with vacations much cheaper than planned.

Pedro Pereira de Azevedo, a Brazilian lawyer from Belo Horizonte, takes advantage of his last night in the Argentine capital with his wife and three children. For him, this first stay in Buenos Aires was more advantageous than expected.

“We went out to eat more times. We had planned a budget of 7,000 reais (1,670 dollars), in the end we spent between 3,000 and 3,500”, says this family man while taking the last souvenir photos in front of the Casa Rosada, the seat of government.

On its arrival on September 5, the peso had just lost 20% of its value against the dollar in a few days. And although the real also suffered some shocks, it resisted more than the Argentine currency, which has depreciated 50% this year.
” We were able to buy everything we wanted, visit all the tourist sites of Buenos Aires, ” the Brazilian is pleased. “We even made the VIP visit to Boca Juniors stadium,” which costs twice as much as the basic price, one of his daughters is excited.

Not far from La Bombonera, the mythical stadium located in the popular neighborhood of La Boca, Lori Berhow, an American who lives in Chile and enjoys a few days of vacation with her brother, recognizes that she is fortunate to be able to benefit from such a “favorable”change.

“Yesterday we went to the restaurant and had a full meal for about $ 60. This should normally cost us about $ 100, ” explains the woman.

The same surprise came with Pauline Gauthier, a young French tourist who walks the streets of the traditional neighborhood of San Telmo with her partner.

“In tourist guides, they say that prices in Argentina are more expensive than elsewhere in Latin America. But finally, for ten days now we have spent less than we thought,” he says.

All double everything

For Argentines, lovers of leaving their country, the reality is quite different. Romina Valenzisi, a lawyer argentina 34 years ago, on a 15 day vacation to Spain and Italy. Six months ago he bought the tickets to pay in six interest-free installments, a way to buy numerous products in Argentina to try to alleviate inflation (40% estimated for 2018).

But with a dollar that went from about 18 pesos in January to about 38 and up to 40 pesos in September, the accommodation and food during their trip are jeopardizing their budget.

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